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With years of extensive training and experience, Dr. David Roth, your optometrist in Miami, has made it his goal to provide the most advanced and effective eyecare while ensuring that each visit is as comfortable as possible.

Optometrist - Miami

Our optometrist in Miami is conveniently located and offers quality professional eye care, including a comprehensive eye exam, in a private setting. Whether you need to see the optometrist in Miami for an eye exam, dry eyes, or contact lens services, Dr. Roth can help.

Optometrist Miami, FL

Services include:

Optometrist Miami - Optometry Center

Personalized Comprehensive Eye Exam

Not your routine exam!! Doctor Roth and his eye exam team work patiently with you to insure that your prescription is accurate, and best suits your vision requirements. Stop by the Miami eye doctor for your next eye exam!

optometrist Miami

Dr. David Roth

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